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BikeExchange: Full-E+ Is "One Fun Ride, An All-day Ripper"!

Product nieuws

The website BikeExchange.com recently reviewed the new Full-E+ off-road E-bike, detailing all the technical innovations of the full-suspension E-bike made for trail riding, and putting it to the test on some local trails in Australia.

“The Full-E+, with its trail-shredding intentions, mimics that of Giant’s flagship all-mountain machine, the Giant Trance,” wrote BikeExchange tester Brodie Chapman. “New for 2018, the Giant SycnDrive Pro drive unit that propels the Full-E+ effortlessly along the trail is based on the recently updated range of Yamaha internally belt-driven mid-mount e-bike motors. The end result is 250 watts of power with a whopping 80 Nm of torque on offer.”

Describing the ride, Chapman wrote: “The drive unit has very little lag and benefits from a progressive increase in speed thanks to the linear power deliver. This was particularly handy when faced with a steep pinch or if I was questioning my commitmenot on a certain uphill rock garden. The linear power delivery was easy to trust.”

Summing up the ride of the Full-E+, and comparing it to the experience of riding a traditional mountain bike, Chapman wrote: The Full-E would best be justified for someone with an extensive mountain range or trail network at their disposal that wants to get the maximum value out of the trails and do so in good time.

“There is no doubt that this E-bike is more than capable as a mountain bike. It’s eager, ready and wanting to tackle modern trails that point both up and down with varied terrain ... there’s no denying the fact that this is one fun ride that serves its purpose well as an all-day trail shredder.”

You can read the full review on BikeExchange.com.

And for more details on the Full-E+ series, click here. 


maandag 15 januari 2018